Late entries accepted by post – up to Tuesday 9th August – but will not be entered on catalogue.

Section Secretary: Mrs R K McKenzie,
The Whins, Stillington, Cleveland, TS21 1NL
Telephone: 01740 631099 or 07733 211846

Enter Online or use our downloadable entry form.

Contact equine@sedgefieldshow.co.uk with any questions about online entry

Please see Timetable (subject to change)

Entries close for catalogue on Friday 29th July 2022

Entry Fee: £5.00 per class unless otherwise stated.
Late entries £7.00

NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY except for Show Jumping, Novelty & Fun Classes, and Equine Fancy Dress.

Prize Money: 1st – £10.00 2nd – £6.00 3rd – £4.00
(except for Heavy Horse classes)
Cups to be held for one year only

All Horses & Ponies entering the Showground must be accompanied with a valid Horse Passport.

Exhibitors are advised to have their own Public Liability insurance cover.
It is advised that all horses & ponies are up to date with vaccines.

Judge: Mrs C Duke
Sponsored by Harpington Haylage

Open to all Champions in the Horse Section (except for Best Rider & Novelty classes)

The Supreme Equine Champion will be awarded with The Karita Shield, £100 Prize Money and a Sash.
The Reserve Supreme Equine Champion will be awarded with £50.00 Prize Money and a Sash

NPS Qualifying Rounds
These classes are judged under the Rules of the NPS. Ponies must be registered in any of the British Riding Pony studbook sections or the Ridden Register; the GSB; the AHSB; the AASB, or registered in the main body of their respective M&M Stud Book.

Part-bred are not eligible unless over-stamped into one of the British Riding Pony studbook sections or the Ridden Register.

Qualifying rounds for most NPS competitions are open to ponies owned by NPS members and non-members but only ponies owned by adult NPS Qualifying or Life members are eligible to qualify for the final of the competition at the NPS SummerChampionship Show at Malvern August 2023.

The highest placed pony, if owned by an NPS member, in each class will qualify for the final. Qualification may pass down to third place if the first and second ponies are already qualified.

NPS/Home Produced Ridden Championship – Riders of Home-Produced ponies (see definition in the NPS Rules Book) can wear a white arm band in classes where this is indicated. These ponies, if owned by NPS members, are then eligible to qualify for the final at the NPS Summer Championship Show. The Owner’s Membership cards MUST be produced in the ring when requested or the qualification will be forfeit.

NPS Silver Medal Rosette Championships: These classes are judged under the Rules of the NPS. NPS Silver Medal Rosettes are only awarded when the owner of the champion pony is a Qualifying or Life member of the NPS. A valid membership card must be in the rider’s/handler’s possession on entering the ring and be produced immediately on request by either the judge or the steward. If the owner of the Champion pony is not a member, or the owner’s membership card is not immediately produced, the rosette may be awarded to the Reserve Champion provided they have the required membership card. If the Champion pony has previously qualified it is still entitled to the Silver Medal Rosette, but the qualification card goes to the Reserve Champion pony, provided the owner of that pony is a member of the NPS.

The Silver Medal Rosette and the qualification card can be awarded no lower than first Reserve (third). Foals are not eligible for Silver Medal Championships.

Qualifiers are entitled to compete in the final of the Silver Medal Rosette Championship to be held at the NPS Summer Championship Show in August 2023 Equifest Championships

This Show is affiliated to Equifest, taking place at the East of England Showground on the 18th – 20th August 2022. The two highest placed exhibits not already qualified will qualify for the relevant Equifest Championship.

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